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Free Audit!

Before you decide to work with us, we want you to know where you are coming from. Even if your site already gets traffic and sales there is always room for improvement. Our FREE SEO report will provide you a comprehensive view of your website, opportunities, and standing against your competitors. Even if you decide Amazing Marketing services aren’t for you, this report is yours to keep.

Included in Your Audit:


List of keywords that convert

In your report, you will receive a list of keywords that will convert traffic to sales.

You should consider focusing your business around ranking for these keywords. Your competitors likely already do!

Technical Fixes

If your site is technically illegible to search engines you can forget about  optimizing for keywords!

Our report will expose the flaws in your site and provide suggestions on how to fix them.

  • Title Tags

  • Metadata

  • Bugs

  • Etc


SWOT Analysis

Not only will you get a report that provides suggestions on how to rank better, but our report will provide you with a SWOT analysis.

This analysis will tell you where you stand compared to your competitors.

Ideas to Improve Sales

With your report, we will share some general ideas on how you can improve the cashflow and profitability of your business.

These will be observations that are not necessarily SEO fixes, but broader ideas we’ve noticed and think you could benefit from.


I Want a FREE Audit!

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This E-book will give you all the tips and tools you need to begin performing your own SEO. This is just one example of our resources freely available for you to learn from.

SEO isn’t rocket science. Its about consistency and measurement.

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