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Skills and Services

Amazing Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a range of services to help your business increase its sales.

Services like optimized blog posts, coordinated advertising campaigns, and site fixes leave you more time to run your business and less need to turn to 3rd party consultants.

Explore our wide range of services that we will use to help your business succeed.


Email Marketing

Are you ready to have a consistent stream of newsletters and promotions that will earn you sales?

We will develop an email marketing strategy and manage it so you can grow your business.

PPC Campaigns

Don’t keep throwing money at ads without strategy! We will work with you to determine the best strategy to maximize your ad dollars then manage your campaign for you.


Local SEO

We will focus on making sure you are the No. 1 Go to in your city for your services.

We will tailor our strategies to your local market with Google My Business management, localized keyword research and a newsletter that gets people in the door!

National SEO

If you compete nationally (or even internationally) we will tailor our SEO services so that you have a maximized digital presence.

Intensive keyword research, advertising management, and strategy sessions are just a few of the services you will receive with this plan.


Technical SEO

Seeing interest in your brand or solution but having trouble converting leads to clients?

It might very well be because your website isn’t optimized. Having a technically unoptimized site carries hefty ranking penalities from Google and might provide a bad user experience.

We will perform technical fixes for your site, making both search engines and users happy.

Social Media Management

Handling all your social media in a way that is consistent and drives results takes time and effort.

Amazing SEO can handle multiple social media accounts. We will create content, respond to requests, and engage your reviews both positive and negative.

content writing

Content Writing

With SEO, content is king. We specialize in writing both short and long form content that is designed to drive views to your website or social accounts.

Our articles have some of the highest word counts in the industry and are written for both search engines and real people.


Its important for your brand and rankings to maintain a strong blog.

We will write content on a consistent basis that goes above and beyond. Our articles have among some of the highest word counts in the industry and are designed to be enjoyed by both your readers and search engines.


Download E-Book

This E-book will give you all the tips and tools you need to begin performing your own SEO. This is just one example of our resources freely available for you to learn from.

SEO isn’t rocket science. Its about consistency and measurement.

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